Monday, September 24, 2012

The Morning After the NYRR 18M Tune-up: "ICE, ICE BABY!"

Why is not until the day after an arduous physical workout that the soreness really sets in? I took precautions yesterday. I iced my feet which were sore after the NYRR 18M Tune-up in Central Park. I took some anti-inflammatory medicine, stretched, hydrated, replenished nourishment and rested. But, today, I needed the comfort of my best friend ICE. Not Vanilla Ice though, I have to admit I have "Ice, Ice Baby..." playing in my head. 

Nor, ICE Cube. Though I am having a hankering for some Barbershop and a Mr. Softies vanilla cone - don't hold the colored sprinkles!

But Ice Ice "oh baby," packs to the my knees.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Once Upon a Time Hurdles: Colgate Women's Games

We all like to save and collect things. Sometimes it can seem like too much, especially from an outsiders perspective, (that would be anyone but to the saver collector-you). "What do you have in those boxes?" "What do you have in the attic?" "What do you have in the basement?" "What do you have in the closet?" And, a part of you has to wonder, "Do you, even remember?" Besides skeletons in the closet, from last year's Halloween decor, do you, remember what you have?

As a parent I am guilty, like many of having a box of assorted memorabilia from my daughter's early years. First notebook from her preschool days at a Mommy & Me Program I helped lead at a local church. First Kindergarten notebook, and finger painting. I remember those days she would come home all excited to show me what she did in school. "Look what I made Mommy." And, busy with homework. Her first science fair project on how the knee works. Its gold medal sticker a little torn because a jealous boy peeled it up. I was so proud of her. How many children in first grade carry a copy of Gray's Anatomy in their back pack to school.

I  kept her first Halloween costume from when she was 3. She wanted to be a mermaid. What little girl did not love or want to be Ariel? So, I made her her a long green shirt that was shaped like a fin. I also kept the first costume she helped make herself from Kindergarten. She wanted to be the butterfly from Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar for the Costume Parade at school. The wings did not fit in the box but they folded nicely into a portfolio with my drawings and illustrations.

I have the first 2 teeth she pulled herself. I never had to worry about pulling any teeth, except in the teen years to get a conversation going, she was more than happy with the D.I.Y tooth pulling approach. Love that independent spirit. Baby shoes, a couple of baby outfits, a collectible Barbie watch and doll, and a few papers she wrote that got A's, and other mementos are in that box in the closet too. One day, I may forget what is in it. One day she may help me go through it and other assorted papers and things I may have as I helped my mom yesterday. And, maybe she will be pleasantly surprised to find find something that triggers a fond memory of her past. As this certificate my mother kept did for me.
I was in Junior High School when I was first interested in doing some running competitively thanks to one of my best friends from elementary school. Up to that point I enjoyed sprinting when there was a chance during gym classes or racing my brothers down the block. I was good with short spurts of winded energy. I had always enjoyed watching the Olympic track and field events and loved to watch the marathon. How in the world someone could run so long so fast I had no idea. But, for a few weeks I got to enjoy competing in 55-meter hurdles, 55 and 200-meter runs at the Colgate Women's Games and dreaming of one day doing more.

My friend and I did not belong to a track club. Participation in track clubs cost money that was not in the family budget at the time. So we trained together after school. She would run to my home to meet me. I would run back to hers and back home. She was fast. I did what I could to keep up with her. I really just wanted to do hurdles. That was going to be my specialty. I practiced for hurdles by jumping chain linked fences. I was doing that on dares with other kids for some time anyway. All I had to do was imagine myself jumping higher. I had no idea what to expect when we got to the games. But the girls on teams and others were more than helpful in sharing tips and I flew by my first round on the 55 meter hurdles. The rest is a blur. I just remember coming home tired.

I don't know if the Colgate Women's Game certificate of participation came in the mail or if it was given to me at the end of the games. But, I am happy that my Mom kept it among other things, after all these years. With 2 months to go to the NYC ING Marathon, I am excited and a little nervous. I never thought in a million years that the day would come that I would be able to say, I am going to do a marathon. Like the NYC Half, I will be running my first marathon with a Team Fox jersey on. I am looking forward to making it across the finish line and putting any certificate I get in a frame next to this after showing it to my Mom.

P.S. My fundraising effort is still going on please click here for more info and to donate. Many thanks.
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