Thursday, November 1, 2012

2012 NYC ING Countdown 3 Days: Having Strength

Today my journey entails getting to work in Manhattan, picking up Parkinson's medications for my Mom, getting to her place to before 8PM so I can return to mine by midnight. When you, have a serious illness like Parkinson's, skipping medications can really make or break your day. I will write more on how we dealt with that challenge during Frankenstorm tonight. All I can say for now is that you always have to have backup plans especially when it comes to the care of the elderly. Truly as you do for children.

It takes a village to raise a child.

It takes a village to care for the elderly.

Be that village for them!

So many people face challenges everyday. Whether you are hurting from Hurricane Sandy, Frankenstorm or some other personal or greater concern. Keep this Marley saying...

"You never know how strong your are, until being strong is your only choice."

Ways to help:

You can help the victims of Super Storm Sandy by donating to the American Red Cross, click here.

To help those suffering from Parkinson's please support the Michael J. Fox Foundations for Parkinson's Research by clicking here.

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