Sunday, November 4, 2012

2012 NYC ING Marathon Count Down The End: Carry On

I am not disappointed the marathon is cancelled. As a New Yorker who has family and friends in the dark, who have had damages to or lost their homes, I am relieved. I was going to run because my mother has Parkinson's disease and I wanted to dedicate my first marathon to her by running with Team Fox, a team that engages in a variety of activities to to support the efforts of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research! GO TEAM FOX!
As Arnold would say, "I will be back!" NYC ING 2013
I was inspired to run by Mom and the members of the Brooklyn Parkinson Group. How could I not be! Look at what all they do!

Brooklyn Parkinson Group: Dance for PD from Soo Hyung Kim on Vimeo.

They put a great deal of effort into those movements!

There are people suffering day in and day out with numerous diseases, some life threatening, we runners we do what we can to support the causes in our way, by fundraising and raising awareness while we run. Many of us run for more than one charity and help raise thousands of dollars. And I am talking about us average Jane and Joe runners. Surely the elite runners have their own foundations and give even more. In addition, you have many runners who themselves run afflicted by or recovering from a disease, are disabled, etc.

My 2-cents or dollars worth of opinion that I did not want to share pre-marathon because there were enough people out there dishing out divisive and corrosive criticisms is that it would have been better to postpone it until relief efforts where well on their way and NYC's transportation was running closer to normal or make the cancellation announcement earlier, Tuesday or Wednesday instead of late Friday and mail runners their bibs and jerseys who could not make it to the expo to pick them up. I have enough goodies from past races. All those hand lotions, bottles of water or what ever could be donated.
I will always heart my NYC!
Did I want to run through a neighborhood that has no lights? Would I have felt real good that friends of mine who have no lights would come out to cheer me in the dark (I am not a fast runner, I would be in the back somewhere)? NO, and NO. This was not the memory I wanted for my first marathon. Even if I was going to wear a fox costume, run with a "I Heart My New York," sign and try to make my run a festive display for those who would come out and cheer because we do need some cheer in the city. On that note Mayor Bloomberg was 100% right! Our city is divided beyond all reason. I am sick and tired of all the backlash that runners are getting. I am sick and tired of hearing people say why don't you bus all those 47,000 runners to volunteer as if runners do not do anything! Sorry but that is the wrong attitude to have.

And so it this...
A fight starts at a gas pump.

Crowds watching gas pump fights and arguing with owners.
Lines going around a block and then some.

NYPD Resources being wasted on monitoring gas pump mobs instead of in relief efforts! Seriously!
All these people waiting on lines for hours for gas. What kills me is that I saw several people walking several blocks with their orange containers to get gas in a neighborhood that has 3 bus lines that can take you to a train, and a LIRR. I saw people fighting with others and with the owners of the gas stations. I saw our bravest, NYPD wasting time to monitor riots at gas pump brawls instead of on relief efforts. So to all of you complaining about the marathon taking away city resources like the NYPD. Thanks! Thanks for diverting these vital resources because your gas is more important and worth fist fighting for than going to volunteer and help those in the devastated areas.

I will be taking a train to the city in a few minutes to run and support charities that are providing Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in some way. Today many runners will also be volunteering and teams are holding many events to help the city on their own initiative! That is what good runners do! And, most of us give a shit about our fellow New Yorkers and are not whining for hours like this.

I will not run a marathon today! But I will run my marathon on my own time. My point to runners who may be on the complaining side is, we should not need a road race to hit a running milestone we should remember why we run and just do it.

Friday, November 2, 2012

2012 NYC ING Countdown 2 Days: No Ferry Fairies, So, Just Be Cool!

Our City's Recovery, Search and Rescue and Clean up Efforts are going full steam ahead. We cannot thank our FDNY, NYPD, Sanitation Dept., and all others involved enough for helping us get back to more life.

This morning service will resume on a majority of MTA NYCT Transit lines and increased service on LIRR and Metro-North. The Staten Island Ferry, however, is still closed and will be closed on Sunday. As a result, New York Road Runners will be offering bus service to the start at  from the New York Public Library to Fort Wadsworth. Please see the details below. For more information and updates go to

Transportation to the Start

November 1 Update: Some of the Transportation options to the start at Fort Wadsworth have changed due to the limited subway service. Please check back frequently for additional updates and details, as we continue to deal with a rapidly changing situation.

The Staten Island Ferry transportation option is cancelled. Runners who selected Staten Island Ferry service have been re-assigned to bus service from the New York Public Library at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue. Departure times are as follows:
• Wave 1: 4:30 a.m.
• Wave 2: 5:30 a.m.
• Wave 3: 6:30 a.m.
• Wave 4: 7:30 a.m.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

Runners previously assigned to New York Public Library bus service at 5:30 and 6:00 a.m. should report to the NYPL at their scheduled time.

Runners who selected New Jersey Bus should report to the Meadowlands Arena at 5:00 a.m.
Runners who selected No Transportation will need to make their own transportation arrangements or see the transportation desk at the expo for options.
Please watch for follow-up communications via e-mail, website, and social media.

We can all agree to disagree on whether or not the race should go on just a few days after such a terrible disaster in our city. And, I will not add my 2-cents or dollars worth of opinion here. My point is the following to all runners who plan on participating. There are no Ferry Fairies, no magic red shoes, or teleporting devices to take us to the start. We have only buses. So, let's deal with it as best we can. Let's not be complaining at the start of the race. Let's not push and shove one another at the start of the race. Let's not argue with NYRR volunteers (our fellow New Yorkers and others) who will be out there helping provide direction, Police Officers and Emergency Crews looking out for our safety and others on the course. If you feel like complaining, can you please get it all out of your system before you come to the start?

So many of our fellow New Yorkers and others in Frankenstorms paths have lost lives, homes, their businesses. Some of our fellow runners will be coming to the start from a home with no life or temporary shelter. So please let's show that we can stay cool under pressure. Let's give all those who come out to cheer a race they can remember. Let's cheer back at the crowds. Let's hoot and holler. Let's not focus on race finishes, obsess over "this race has to be my best time" and let's just go and have fun. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

2012 NYC ING Countdown 3 Days: Having Strength

Today my journey entails getting to work in Manhattan, picking up Parkinson's medications for my Mom, getting to her place to before 8PM so I can return to mine by midnight. When you, have a serious illness like Parkinson's, skipping medications can really make or break your day. I will write more on how we dealt with that challenge during Frankenstorm tonight. All I can say for now is that you always have to have backup plans especially when it comes to the care of the elderly. Truly as you do for children.

It takes a village to raise a child.

It takes a village to care for the elderly.

Be that village for them!

So many people face challenges everyday. Whether you are hurting from Hurricane Sandy, Frankenstorm or some other personal or greater concern. Keep this Marley saying...

"You never know how strong your are, until being strong is your only choice."

Ways to help:

You can help the victims of Super Storm Sandy by donating to the American Red Cross, click here.

To help those suffering from Parkinson's please support the Michael J. Fox Foundations for Parkinson's Research by clicking here.

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